Spread Kindness

The LCSO Kindness Campaign is an initiative designed to cultivate a culture of compassion and positive engagement within our community and the Leon County Sheriff's Office (LCSO).

Our campaign aims to celebrate the profound quality of kindness, with an emphasis on individual acts of kindness.

Through this initiative, we seek to not only reduce crime rates, discrimination, and workplace stress but also enhance overall morale and unity.  We encourage citizens and employees alike to embody acts of generosity, consideration, and support, renewing our commitment to being genuine in our words and actions.     

We believe that by harnessing the psychological and physical benefits of kindness, we can create a healthier, more connected community where kindness becomes a guiding principle for positive change.


Spread Kindness PSA

The Spread Kindness PSA was created to coincide with the launch of LCSO’s Spread Kindness campaign and features Leon County community leaders, families impacted by gun violence and influencers. 

Click play to view the 60 SECOND PSA.