Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Unit

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Unit is compromised of the agency’s crime analysis, criminal intelligence, fusion, and real time crime center function. The Unit is currently staffed by 2 full time Crime Analysts, 5 Intelligence Analysts, 4 Real Time Crime Center Analyst, 1 Fusion Analyst, 2 Technicians, and an Intelligence Manager. 

The role of the Intelligence Analyst is to collect, analyze, disseminate, and maintain information on the criminal activities of individuals, organized crime groups, emerging criminal groups, public disorder, and terrorist groups. The CIU is also used to support ongoing investigations, and to help identify suspect(s) involved in criminal activities.  They support our task force operations – Deputies without Borders, HIDTA, North Star Task Force, Property Crimes Task Force, and US Marshal’s Task Force. Further, the analyst support or detention investigations unit.

The role of the Crime Analyst is to provide includes strategic, tactical, and administrative crime analysis. The CAU is responsible for providing detailed and timely crime analysis to all levels of the agency.  They review crime reports to identify crime patterns and trends and performs complex crime analysis to forecast future crime to assist command personnel in preparing strategic action plans for personnel allocation.

The role of the Fusion Analyst is to collaborate with local, state and federal agencies working in partnership to share resources, expertise, and/or information to better identify, detect, prevent, apprehend and respond to criminal and terrorist activity utilizing an all crimes/all hazards approach. The multidisciplinary approach of the Fusion Analyst increases the awareness of potential threats and enhances what has traditionally been a law enforcement mission.

The role of the Real Time Analyst is to provide critical information in real time by delivering actionable intelligence data and information to deputies in the field. This information can then be used in the prevention and solution of crime and to enhance the efficiency and safety of our deputies; allowing first responders and investigators to spend less time researching information and more time in the field helping the public.

The goal of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Unit is to apply its resources and coordinate with other units, departments, law enforcement agencies, and correctional facilities to prevent and discourage the presence of organized criminal activities within the community. To enhance communication and information sharing with local, regional, state and federal law enforcement agencies through in person and virtual information sharing platforms.

The unit maintains memberships with the Florida Intelligence Unit, Florida Gang Investigators Association, North Florida Cart Team, Florida Crime & Intelligence Analyst Association, International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Association, and the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units. Several analysts serve on the Board of Directors of many of these associations.


Contact Information: (850) 606-3300

Intelligence Manager Chelsea Grant
Executive Director Leslie Rabon