LCSO Chaplaincy

The purpose of the LCSO Chaplaincy program is to offer prayer, guidance, counseling, training, comfort and support in religious and spiritual matters to those in need and requesting such help. These services are available for all Sheriff’s Office employees and in-house contract services. Most are available for inmates as well. Immediate families are also encouraged to request help in time of need. Feel free to call, or e-mail the Chaplain.

The services offered, but not necessarily limited to, are as follows:

  • Inmate Guide: The Leon County Detention Facility Inmate Handbook delineates religious services, books, studies, special programs and written requests procedure etc. for Detention Facility inmates.

  • Prayer: We are always available to take prayer requests or pray with you personally.
    These requests can remain confidential or be passed on to a prayer chain of local Churches.

  • Counseling: Counseling based on spiritual and Biblical principles is available and is always confidential. Whether it’s something really serious or you just need an ear, we are here to help. We do a considerable amount of individual counseling. Consequently, we understand the often high stress environment of today’s times both in and outside of our agency.

  • Bibles: Bibles are free upon request.

  • Bible Courses: We have Bible courses available for all. Our main course is being used by many pastors across the country and missionaries abroad. They are available just for study or certificates can be earned by completing the tests.

  • Bible Studies: Bible studies are held in the Detention Facility regularly. Come ask the questions you always wondered about and learn what the Bible says on your subject of choice.

  • Spiritual Books: Spiritual books are available on a variety of subjects. Some are free and others can be checked out and returned.

  • Special Events: The Chaplain is available to speak, offer invocation and benedictions for special events, be it church, social, county, state, as well as perform funerals, etc.