Bailiff and Transport Unit

Providing law enforcement services and security to all courthouse staff and visitors is the primary responsibility of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Bailiff Unit. The Leon County Courthouse consists of five floors of office space and courtrooms. There is also a Courthouse Annex located on Thomasville Road which is staffed by members of the Bailiff Unit. Tenants include several constitutional offices: Judges, The State Attorney, The Public Defender, The Clerk of Court and County Commissioners. The Bailiff Unit works closely with other stake holders in the courthouse to ensure the orderly and safe conduct of county business can occur.

The Bailiff Unit consists of 1 Lieutenant, 3 Sergeants, and 32 Deputy Sheriff’s.

The Bailiff Unit is located on the 3rd floor of the Courthouse.

There are 2 public entrances to the Courthouse. One is on Calhoun Street and the other is on Monroe Street.


  • Safety and security of all judges, constitutional officers, courthouse staff and visitors.
  • Assign a Bailiff to each judge presiding in a courtroom. That Bailiff takes direction from the judge in matters relating to courtroom decorum and maintaining order. The Bailiff is also responsible for the safety and security of the presiding judge, jurors, and courtroom staff.
  • Transport of inmates between the Detention Center and the Courthouse. Transport of in-custody persons, to and from Leon County, to other jurisdictions.
  • Respond to calls for service, and/or alarm activations in and around the courthouse.
  • Safety and security of jurors.
  • Carry out lawful orders of the court.
  • Fingerprinting, collection of DNA swabs, and service of civil and criminal process.
  • Entrance control and screening of visitors to the courthouse.
  • Orderly evacuation of the courthouse when required.


  • There are 22 courtrooms and hearing rooms at the Courthouse and Annex.
  • Over 22,000 visitors enter the Courthouse and Annex each month.
  • Over 21,000 bags and packages are screened at the Courthouse and Annex each month.
  • Over 800 in-custody persons are transported each month.
  • Over 40 arrests are made each month.


  • All visitors must go through the screening process. No weapons, or contraband, will be allowed into the courthouse. (Arrive early in order to ensure time to go through the screening process.)
  • Do not bring food and/or drinks into the courtrooms.
  • Turn off phones and other electronics.
  • When court is in session quiet must be observed.
  • No bare midriffs, hats, tank tops, or suggestive clothing is permitted in the courtroom.
  • No verbal, or non-verbal communication, with in-custody persons is permitted.
  • No children are allowed in courtrooms.
  • No standing is allowed in the gallery. If no seat is available, please wait outside the courtroom until one is available.